A final post, but not a goodbye.

Dear readers,

I will keep this brief.

I wanted to inform you all that I will no longer be running this blog. I have thought about this much, and come to realise that blogging is not quite for me. As the few years have gone by, I noticed the extent of my time was spent more on blogging, than dedicated to writing. And being writers, I’m sure you can agree, we want to do nothing but write. No doubt, there have been times where I have enjoyed myself on WordPress, and am thankful for the small community of readers that have read my words. I really do appreciate it, and in ways, will miss it.

Now I am currently in the process of sending my work to publishers and literary magazines, meanwhile securing myself an agent. I have also been urged by my tutors to go abroad in London, where I hope to get some work. Though these are early days. And though this is my final post, it is not a goodbye. I am certain somewhere in the future you will find my prose sleeping in a local bookstore of yours -do nurse me with your eyes!

I also acknowledge that several of you were after a book of mine, preferably in print. I am also working towards that. If you wish to contact me, please email me at this address: girlinoirvelvet@gmail.com
I will keep your email details, and inform you of any news when I have a hold of it. My blog expires in November this year, but will remain live for the time being.

I hope you understand my reasons for departing, and want to thank you all again for coming under my sheets.

See you,

Girl in Noir Velvet